About us

The Navajo County Democrats


The Navajo County Democrats have a long history with leadership by such people at Clyde Brazieal, Ken and Barb Smith, Bill Shumway and Eli Blake. The most active group of Democrats in the county was centered on the White Mountain Democrats, led by Holly Hanson, and later Sheryl Eaton. When Eric Kramer was elected county chair, the emphasis was expanded to turning out the vote on the county's three large reservations. The party's efforts helped to elect Democrat Ann Kirkpatrick to Congress, and blossomed with Keith Brekhus as the party organizer. The county party helped elect Tom O'Halleran to Congress, and eventually Mark Kelly to the U.S. Senate, and Joe Biden as president. Missa Foy-Jentoft, a talented organizer who was instrumental in the 2020 wins, became chair late that year.


  • Elect Democratic candidates across county and CD-01 and LD-07

  • Increase voter registration, turnout, and engagement in rural and tribal communities

  • Strengthen Democratic presence and leadership by recruiting Precinct Committee Person(s)

  • Prior to the pandemic we held Democrats Give Back events across our county

  • At the onset of the pandemic we operated as a mutual aid organization providing PPE, water, food, and other COVID relief to communities across northeast Arizona.