Cafe 7: Summer Speakers

Join the Navajo, Apache and Coconino County Democrats for Cafe 7 Friday mornings at 9:00 am Arizona / 10:00 am Navajo Nation for important community conversations about the issues that impact us in LD 7. Visit to sign up for our upcoming events.

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family votes

Happy Mother's Day! Today we launch the Family Votes Program to get local organizers back to work on Apache, Hopi, and Navajo lands in Arizona. Native voters were crucial for the 2020 election wins and matriarchs got us these wins. Continue investing.

On May 9th we launched our Family Votes Program!

Tribal leaders Newsletter (April

Our first edition is here! The Northeast Arizona Native Democrats Tribal Leaders Newsletter is one way we are keeping community and tribal elected leaders updated on our organizing activities, education efforts, and events. Our goal is to have a new edition at the beginning of every month. Please share with your colleagues and local organizers.

VIEW and PRINT PDF here:

This edition:

  • Prep & Planning for the 2022 Election

- White Mountain and San Carlos Apache, Hopi, and Navajo Organizers

- Family Votes Program

  • Independent Redistricting Commission

  • Community Organizer/PC Trainings

  • American Rescue Plan

  • American Jobs Plan

  • For the People Act (HR 1 & SR1)

Tribal leaders Newsletter (May)

We have a new newsletter that gets distributed to tribal leaders and community members on a monthly basis. May is the second newsletter and can be found here:

April is the first and can be found here:

This edition:

  • Native Organizers

- Family Votes Program

  • Cafe 7: Community Conversations

  • Native American Voters Helped Win Arizona for the Democrats. What's Next?

  • Representable Tool: IRC

  • Become a PC

  • Your Vote Made This Happen

  • Dems Speak Out

Cafe 7 - ApriL 30

Not sure where to start organizing with the Democratic Party or what needs to be done? We can help! For this session we will introduce current volunteers and help orient new ones. Help build our teams! We need people power this year and for 2022.

Sign up here:

Daily Kos Article

Local Arizona Native Organizers for the Win–2022 Elections

On May 9th, 2021 we are launching the Family Votes Program and getting local organizers back to work on Apache, Hopi, and Navajo lands in Arizona. The 2022 elections are every bit as consequential for Native Voters as the 2020 races and we need to invest in tribal communities now. [Read more here]

Cafe 7: april 16 Recap

The Cafe 7 event on April 16 was a great and informative presentation by Joe Bia about the Independent Redistricting Commission (IRC) and process. The IRC will set our legislative districts in Arizona for the next 10 years and is really important for us to pay attention to and take part in. Ephraim Infante, AZ Democratic Party, also spoke with us about a new tool called Representable that can help us document and map our communities so we can share this with the IRC.

Watch a recording of this session here:

Learn about the Representable tool and sign up for a training with Ephraim here:

Contact info.: Joe Bia, Diné Organizer and Independent Redistricting Commission (IRC) Liaison Ph: 928-863-5140 email: IRC Website:

Ephraim Infante, AZ Democratic Party, email:

Cafe 7: april 2 Recap

Join us for our first Cafe 7 event Friday, April 2 and meet state Rep. Jasmine Blackwater-Nygren!

When: 9AM Arizona / 10AM Navajo Nation/MT

We'll spend some time taking a look at LD7 issues and discuss her new role since being sworn in February.

Rep. Jasmine Blackwater-Nygren, Diné/Navajo Nation, is the youngest member of the AZ state House of Representatives and was appointed to fill the vacancy left by former state Rep. Arlando Teller, Diné, who resigned last month to accept a position in the Biden administration. You don't want to miss this community conversation.

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